The Product

Our process works because it is research based, market rested and action oriented.

Everyone wants to buy for the right reason and no one wants to be sold!

Our approach is documented in our books. this page talks about how the method we created can help you be more successful.

The Right Choice Methodology started with this book: Celebrating Success! Fourteen Ways to Create a Successful Company!

We learned what companies did right and we build coaching and consulting programs to support our clients from what we learned. These programs are interactive, creative, and a fun way to learn.

We build a membership site to support them (you) when they (you) needed help. In addition to the membership site, we provide on-going classroom training, your own personal mastermind group to provide support and accountability, as well as a 90  days to massive results plan to help get focused on what is important to you, and that is just the start!

We also include a personalized selling assessment to help get off to a fast start. Read on to learn more about each module.

We offer 100% Return on Investment Guarantee!

  • Why? No one else does!

Because this program works when you do the work!

However there are a few simple rules!

  • Do what you agree to do!
  • Do it when you said you would do it!
  • Do the actions on the high return on investment (ROI) activities!
  • Do your training sessions – all of them!
  • Do your 90 Days to Massive Results Plan!
  • Do your mastermind actions!

Did you notice the common word “DO” to start each sentence? We want you to do!


What You Will Experience When You Join The Business Growth Experience.

We only have one goal for you in this program: to change your life by teaching you the skills you need to grow sales, increase revenues and profits, and shorten the sales cycle.

We have a comprehensive program we are quite proud of because it works.

It is designed to address all areas of sales and personal development that may hold someone back.

We will teach you why goals are not all they are cracked up to be and, more importantly, how to overcome these limitations when setting goals.

Let me overview some of the key modules.

Business Growth Experience Sales Effectiveness Assessment


We begin the process with a sales effectiveness assessment.

Here you assess your selling skills and invite others (clients, business associates, etc.) to do the same.

  • This gives you a good base line on what you do well and on what we can build.
  • This will also help you understand areas where you want to improve.

The great thing about this assessment is that is takes about 5 minutes.

It contains 18 pairs of questions for you to answer.

In no time at all you will see what you do well, what needs improved, and we can get started immediately.

The real purpose of the assessment is to get you focused on what is important and why!

Some modules include:

  • Proven Sales Methodology
  • Presentation skills
  • Marketing strategies
  • Relationship strategies
  • The Platinum Rule And more!

Business Growth Experience 90 Days to Massive Results

This program is very simple to implement.

In less than 5 minutes a day you will have a roadmap to keep you focused, score your progress and know you are doing the right things.

We are so excited about the results you can achieve we offer a trip to Cancun when you achieve all your action items (limited time offer)!

We do this process 2X in 90-day increments.

It is a great way to get focused, excited, and charged to achieve results you never thought you could achieve.

Business Growth Experience Master Mind Group

This is your own personal mastermind for you to talk though all the issues that require feedback to make effective decisions and take the right action.

Success comes from working with others who have no agenda except your success.

Test your sales pitch, your marketing message, your business, and sales ideas to reduce your risk and make more effective decisions immediately.

Save time, save money, get results!

Business Growth Experience Personal Sales Coaching

Why should you be any different?

You will receive two personalized coaching sessions each month that are for you and you alone.

We have a proven roadmap to help you, and coaching is a key component.

It is a place of safety and security where you and your coach talk about all the issues that need clarity, actions that worked or did not work, and a place where you will receive the necessary feedback and support to achieve your goals.

Outputs from the sales assessment, 90 Days to Massive Results, and the Mastermind Group drive this process.

Business Growth Experience Sales Training


23 weekly classroom style sessions, most less than then two hours, are designed to teach you actionable skills you will use immediately.

We cover all aspects of the sales process from prospecting, to sales presentation, building a budget, what questions to ask, generating an effective referral process, handling objections, and closing (to name just a few).

Think of this approach as – Stop Selling and Teach Others to Buy from You.

We can say this because much of our sales training is built around the concepts in our Management and Leadership book called The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery.

What’s not in this book is in our internationally sold book called 49 Marketing Secrets (THAT WORK) to Grow Sales.

As you can see we have our bases covered!

Business Growth Experience Social Media Training

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, oh my!

So much to learn, so much to do, so little time.

  • We shorten the learning curve for you so you use your time and resources wisely.

We have 3 classes designed specifically to help you understand why social media is important, how to use social media to generate leads, how to measure the results, and how to measure your progress.

Using our Six Questions approach, you will even know what message to create and deliver.

What more could you ask for?

Business Growth Experience Behaviors of Success


Our entire program is designed to teach and drive those behaviors.

  • This is based on our book Nine Principles for Inspired Action: A New & Targeted Perspective.
  • This book is the study of 1000 small business owners and what they did to be successful.

We have been teaching these principles for 10 years because they work for our clients.

Because they work for our clients, we believe they will work for you as well!

Not only that, we know the six actions successful sales people implement daily to be successful.

Imagine the power behind knowing what successful people do and how successful sales people apply these principles.

This book is available on

Be sure to spell my last name as “Finklestein”; otherwise, Amazon can return some pretty wild results.

Business Growth Experience Lead Generation Techniques


In addition to our social media training we offer courses on how to generate leads.

Much of this knowledge is documented in our international marketing book 49 Marketing Secrets (THAT WORK) to Grow Sales.

We added a few modules such as the Six Questions Your Prospects Want Answered before They Buy (think of this as why your customers do not buy from you).

You guessed right!

This book has been converted into the Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Saudi Arabian, and Czech languages – don’t forget English!

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