Oprah Loves Bread!

Is this a Unique Value Proposition in disguise?

Have you seen the latest Weight Watchers Commercial? The one where Oprah professes her love for bread? It is “BRILLIANT” marketing!

A little back story, I guess Oprah has bought into Weight Watchers and is now endorsing them in their latest marketing campaign. Stock price spikes, since her investment, have been reported to be in the tens of millions of dollars the DAY she tweeted about her infatuation with the household staple. http://goo.gl/V25MSq Many may think it’s just an example of the Rich Getting Richer. I don’t believe in this theory. While it exists, I don’t allow it into my psyche. I’ll cover this in another post on Motivations.

Why do I bring this topic up or even praise Oprah? She’s extremely sincere and passionate about what she does. I’d love to learn about her personal mission statement. I’m sure she has a very well crafted, heartfelt, message. I do not know her personally, but her image and persona speak to me from a true believabilityOprah Bread standpoint. I’m sure this is not by accident, but it still needs to be real or you’ll eventually be found out.

Let’s get to the real. She’s battled weight loss just like you and me and has found a program that works for her. Why not buy-in and endorse what you believe in. She BELIEVES! I can feel the conviction that is created in the messaging. Oh and by the way, she highlights deeply one of their UVP’s (Unique Value Propositions), Bread! Yep Bread, a staple in most pantries since the first loaf was created. Who doesn’t love bread? It’s ingrained in our DNA, our beliefs. Like it or not, Oprah is too.

How powerful and eloquent to tie these staple beauties into a Unique Value Proposition. It’s a lot better than saying,  you don’t have to give up what you love to lose weight, just keep it in moderation. She gets to eat bread everyday! It’s just “marketing up” your core values. Lots going on here: perception, beliefs, sincerity, Unique Value Propositions, messaging and Oprah being the “Real Deal”. Do you feel and act this way around your business and its endeavors? Are you getting to the “heart” of matters? Connect with us today to bring your difference maker, your Unique Value Proposition to life.

As always, Make It Make SenseTM

Great supporting read: The New Rules of Marketing & PR, by David Meerman Scott

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