Is Quality of Life Important to Sales Productivity and Sales Management?

Is Quality of Life Important to Sales Productivity and Sales Management?

As sales people we work hard. In addition to keeping your sales skills sharp and coaching our sales rep (if you are a sales leader or sales manager) it is important look after proper mental health.

To look after the proper mental health of your team you need a plan. Typically sales people love recognition. It can be as simple as a monthly contest for the highest margin, most new customers, largest opportunity closed or highest upsell. The rewards do not have to be large but they do have to be measurable. One of my clients offer a $50 Visa card when a contest is won and the sales team loved the competition and reward. They even worked closer to help each other out.

Sometimes sales reps need to get away for a while – take a vacation. I talking about a real trip. I have awarded trips to Cancan to clients who agreed to, accepted and reached stretch goals. I do that because they work. My clients come back recharged and I get a kick out of the stories they tell and the new energy they bring to the table.

It does not need to be expensive. I belong to a travel club that allows me to prove great trips a wholesale prices. If you are interested here are some details. If this appeals to you or your team give me a call and we can talk more.

If you are cynical and doubt the benefits of reduces stress here is a great article on the 10 benefits of reducing stress from Http://

According to some of the symptoms of stress at workplace include:

  • Absenteeism, escaping from work responsibilities, arriving late, leaving early, etc.
  • Deterioration in work performance, more of error prone work, memory loss, etc.
  • Cribbing, over-reacting, arguing, getting irritated, anxiety, etc.
  • Deteriorating health, more of accidents, etc.
  • Improper eating habits (over-eating or under-eating), excessive smoking and drinking, sleeplessness, etc.

They go one to say that Employee Stress is negatively correlated to their work performance. In short, more the level of stress, the lower is the performance. It was conventionally perceived that reasonable levels of stress would boost the employees and improve their work performance. But this perception no longer holds true.

There are fewer jobs that can cause as much stress as sales. You can begin to see why managing stress is so important to workplace and sales productivity.

To your sales leadership,

Ron Finklestein

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Ron Finklestein, called the “Real Deal” by his clients, is the creator of the Business Growth Experience and owner of RPF GROUP INC. Finklestein is a consultant, international author, sales trainer and speaker. His six business books include: management and leadership, personal development, operations, marketing, and sales. His latest work: Make a Difference: From Success to Significance” was a 12 year study of 1000 successful small business owners and what they did to be successful.

After a successful consulting career, Ron has spent the past 15 years building his business and helping entrepreneurs and business owners build their businesses.  Ron has experience in working with businesses across a wide range of industries (Manufacturing, Banking, Government, Healthcare, Outsourced Services, Technology Industries, and Insurance) and on every aspect of a business, from information technology to marketing, leadership to sales, allowing him to offer practical and proven ideas and strategies to improve any business.



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