Influence vs. Manipulation

Influence vs. Manipulation

How would your life be simpler if you could build rapport with someone is 90 seconds? That is influence. Would it take the stress out of meeting new people? Would you approach difficult people with more confidence?

In our sales training module we teach how to build rapport in a 2 hour workshop. Rapport leads to trust, trust allows us to influence. Influence is positive and required in sales. Influence is helping others to take purposeful and inspired action?

All of us use persuasion and a leadership tool to help inspire others to do things they never thought they could do. The ability to create excitement all around you is what leadership is about. Listen to the sound of leadership; it is you being eloquent, powerful, convincing, compelling, and forceful. It is not for the faint of heart, but the outcome is inevitable if you care enough to ignite a spark, which will grow into a flame.

Leading through persuasion is a form of communicating that must be learned. In fact, it has to be learned, for if you can’t persuade or convince others, you cannot lead. If you can’t persuade or convince others, you cannot sell.

Manipulation is the opposite of persuasion. It is not truthful. It is not forceful, it is aggressive. It is usually fear based and it does not have the others best interest at heart. None of us want to be manipulated into doing things were don’t want to do.

I work daily with business owners, sales representatives, and others who want to influence others (employees, customers, friends, family, prospects, and vendors) to some specific course of action. Often times they are not successful. This problematic if you are in sales because you won’t make any money or change someone’s life with your wonderful product or service if you do not develop influencing skills.   

Your purpose when influencing is to help others get clear and make the correct and right choice. The purpose of influence is to help you help them to understand why you are the right and safe choice. Effectively, I want you to communicate your value in a way that others are most likely to hear, understand and act upon.

To learn HOW TO BUILD RAPPORT WITH ANYONE IN 90 SECONDS OR LESS click here. I will not ask for ANY  info, not even your email address. 

Persuasion is a learned skill. It required practice. It required thinking differently. It requires personal growth and getting clear on who you are. Are you up for the challenge?


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