How to Win at the Games of Sales (Right Sales Skills, Right Sales Tools, Right Sales Leadership)

sales pursuit coverMy latest book has just been published. It is called Ron Finklestein’s Sales Pursuit: How to Really Win at the game of Sales.

This books is short. It contains some simply dos and don’ts that will help you win at sales – when you understand the rules.

If you are looking to improve your sales skills, this is a great start.

If you are looking for some self pace sales training, each article is designed to be a a short lesson.

If sales leadership and sales management are important to you there is something for you as well.

If you are wondering about what  the sales rules are so you can train other sales reps, this will get you started.

Some of the rules include defining and using a sales process. As a sales manager this allows you to know where you are in the sales process. Some studies suggest creating and following a sales process can increase sales by 15%.

Some rules are sales rules: have sales goals.

Sales leadership requires a personal improvement mind set. You will also understand the sales skills successful sales reps do to be successful.

There are some don’ts when using social media and some really effective ways to lose the sales.

Some sales leadership rules require you to better understand what people want from you before they buy you.

When you download this book please understand you can start reading it anywhere. Think of it as a series of articles you can use as a reference guide. This is designed to improve your sales effectiveness.

Please share this book. Why am I giving you permission to give this away? A few reasons:

1. I want to help you and your friends and if there is something in this books that helps – fantastic

2. If you like what you read and want some help (coaching,  consulting  training, sales leadership) hopefully you will think of me

3. You can build relationships with your business associates by giving them something of value

4. Because I want to

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