How to Alienate Your Referral Partners

How to Alienate Your Referral Partners

I belong to a business referral group. A referral group is a group of business people who learn about each other businesses so we can identify potential sales opportunity for each other and refer business.

One member of the group is doing an event and instead of inviting his referral partners to the event to learn about his business he announced that “you can come only if you bring some I can do business with.” He was very specific in that the people he wanted to do business with be business owners with between $1-10 Million in revenues and that want to sell their business. 

The message this person sent:

  1. You are only important to me IF you can bring me business otherwise I am not interested in helping you.
  2. I do not want to pay for you to attend my event.
  3. Learn about my business on your own time.
  4. You won’t get a referral from me unless I get one from you.

As a sales trainer that helps companies grow sales, increase revenues and shorten the sales process, I can tell you he did more harm to his reputation and his company’s reputation than he can imagine.  It is essential people you are asking for help know, like and trust you. His attitude violated this rule in selling.

The lesson here is to know your audience and if you want them to help you grow your business make it easy for them.

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Ron Finklestein 


    • ron

      That is what surprised me. The person in questions owns a referral franchise and runs this group. I would have thought he would know better.

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