Fifteen things I wish Mom would have told me about Selling

Fifteen things I wish Mom would have told me about Selling

Here are fifteen things I wish Mom (or someone) told me about selling. Instead I figured them out myself. I thought I would share them so you can see sales as the proud and noble profession that it is.

  1. People are not born being good at sales. Selling is just a skill that anyone can learn.
  2. Stop making excuses.  It is not the economy; it is you, your skills, your attitude, your perception that makes all the difference.
  3. Selling is not manipulation, it is influence. It is not about lying; it is about honesty.
  4. Selling is teaching someone to buy from you; not forcing them to buy.
  5. Understand when people buy your product (no matter what it is) they do so for their reasons not yours.
  6. Believe in what you are selling and allow that belief to show.
  7. Admit you don’t know everything and that’s ok. Life is about learning. Being good at sales is about learning. Remember rule number 1.
  8. If you don’t know, tell your prospect. Feel good knowing you will find out and then find out.
  9. Play and have fun.
  10. Be honest, fair and ethical with all people.
  11. Learn to say “no” and feel good hearing “no.” They are not rejecting you – they just don’t need your product or service right now.
  12. Listen more than you talk. People need to feel heard.
  13. Surround yourself with people that are more successful, happier, and accomplished than you are and learn from them. Why make the same mistakes they made.  
  14. Sell what you love and the money will come. If you don’t love what you sell find a way to at least see the good in it.
  15. Spend money on training that will make you a better person. You never lose money on your investment when you grow as a person.

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To your happiness

Ron Finklestein



  1. Josh brown

    I have been in hospiitality, restaurant management, and inside sells. I am just now starting out with my self employment in outside sales and network marketing. Any advice is great.

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