The Executive Chopping Block According to Richard Rawlings

Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Fame proclaimed on a recent episode of his Gas Monkey Garage TV Show, that “executives” are the ones that get fired first. You see, his parts manager had just bought a car without Richard’s consent. Rawlings asked why he made this purchase without him. The manger responded that it was an “executive” decision. Rawlings then shot back, you do know “executives” get fired first. He continued, they’re the most expensive meat on the bone!

Many small businesses usually only have an “executive” or two at most. This responsibility typically rests with the owner. After sharing the back story, ask your people, your coach or even your spouse if you’re expensive meat? You may not be, but you may have one on your staff. Do you have a business plan, with concrete strategies supported by granular tactics? If you do, congratulations you’re among the “elite”. You already knew this, though. If you do not, hopefully you’re not; “Dead Meat” yet. Connect with us today to put us to the test. We only need 45 minutes!Product Details

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Great supporting read: Great by Choice, by Collins and Hansen

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