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How would you like to sell more without increasing your reach?Sell More

If that’s your goal, then you need to improve your conversion rate or close rate. Remember, “Coffee is for Closer’s!”  We just need to sell more.

Business owners are always looking for the magic formula that can optimize the performance of their lead generation efforts. Unfortunately, there is NO magic bullet… just a systematic process that can double or triple your current conversion rates.

Increasing Close Rates can be as simple as a slight change to a website headline, one item added to a list of offerings or the placement of a video on a website.  Sometimes even seemingly tiny changes — the headline color or the words you use on your buy button — can instantly double your sales.

It can be very difficult as well. You can have all the bells and whistles working in your favor and be out “marketing” your competition, but what happens when your sales people go on the closing call.

Are you confident all of your good work will be represented properly?

Generating a multitude of leads is worthless unless you can convert the vast majority of those leads into actual sales. The lack of conversion is typically a series of events or issues. Do you know what yours are?sales pursuit cover


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