More “Classic Ron” – Don’t you wish you had all the answers?

We sure as heck do! Unfortunately, we’re all Human…

Here’s this week’s installment of “Classic Ron”. In this video, Ron discusses the importance of owner to owner, peer feedback for your business. It truly is about sharing best practices and creative ideas to help take your business to new heights. Who wouldn’t be interested and engaged? Well, you’d be surprised.

Put your ego’s aside and get with the program. We’ve been hosting these Mastermind’s for years. Our most recent group has reached its maximum members. With that, we are officially announcing openings for our newest club. Once we get to twelve members, we will consider the next round. Connect with us soon to discuss your membership.

We hope you enjoyed another Classic.

As Always, Make it Make Sense!TM

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Posted by: Todd Shannon – The Business Growth Experience

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