How Can You Revolutionize Your Business?

How Can You Revolutionize Your Business?

I recently watched a movie that came highly recommended.

Because I did not like the movie I will not tell you the name of this movie.

However, there was one scene that impressed me.

A musician was playing traditional jazz music. They (he and the instructor) were discussing how revolutionary the music was when it was created and how traditional it seemed today. The instructor told him to stop being traditional and become a revolutionary by creating revolutionary music. You could see the musician face light up as he heard, understood and internalized the message. The rest of the movie was about him trying to a revolutionary in creating music.

That scene resonated with me and I started to ask myself how I can revolutionize the business coaching side of sales and marketing. I am not talking about utilizing technology to create incremental innovations; I am talking about a true revolution.

I started asking in what ways can I revolutionize the business coaching side sales and marketing that would help my client get faster results. Here are some ideas that came to mind:

  • We could create a Virtual Reality game that walks them through various sales scenarios to give them actual experience with the techniques I teach before they goo out to the real world. This would build confidence and shorten the learning process.
  • We could use artificial intelligence to teach them as part of a sales simulation.
  • We could create an Escape Room type of environment so they could work with their team.

So, let’s broaden the question. How can you revolutionize your business? Uber did it with taxi services. Facebook did it. LinkedIn did it. Apple revolutionized the phone and Microsoft revolutionized the desktop.

How can you change the face of the payroll, insurance, staffing, merchant services, landscaping, legal, medical, or and any other industry in which you participate?

Please share your ideas. No idea is too extreme. The idea is to stimulate your thinking.  Maybe your idea will provide and idea for someone else. Post your ideas below.

Ron Finklestein

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