Everything You’ve Ever Heard About Generating Leads Is WRONG!
Coffee is for CLOSER’S!

Like Minded Entrepreneurs Only!

A fairly bold statement considering it’s our Homepage and the very first impression you’ll get.  This illustrates one of our driving Business Strategy goals; ensuring we’re always collaborating with folks that meet a certain criteria, our “target” market.  We’re okay with this approach.  We hope you are too…

Great, you’re still reading.  Let us explain.Business Strategy

You see, we are fundamentally a Business Strategy and Coaching Firm. However, we strive to stay out of this “classification”. We’re not saying this is an unworthy group. It’s just too broad and all encompassing. We need to be selective, systematic, focused and agile. Are you running your million dollar idea the same way?

Our approach is simple: Partner with like minded entrepreneurs that desire to grow and differentiate themselves in a business world that is more blurred than ever.

For us, it must always Make SenseTM.


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